Neelkanth Engineering Works

Our Specialization

We specialize in providing services for the following :
  • Projects (Concept To Commissioning)
    • Off line paper coating plants
    • Auto splice at slow speed as well high speed. (Optional)
    • Online coating on Duplex Board machines
    • Hot air dryer, Blowers and radiators. (Steam heated / thermic fluid heated)
    • Open & Closed Hood System for MG & MF Machines
    • Optionally Direct fired Gas burners for quick heating of paper
    • Instrumentation. (All pneumatic & Hydraulic jobs)
    • Installation & commissioning of E.T.P & S.T.P for Industrial & commercial buildings
  • Super Calendars : Assembly jobs, Renovation / modification of old super calendars, Automation of the machine
  • Utilities :Erection & commissioning of Boilers, Thermopacs, Biomass gasifier plant, DG sets, Compressors, Cooling Towers, Chillers, Softers, MGF & ACF, pipeline jobs with insulation & cladding
  • Instrumentation : We design both manual as well as automatic circuits for operating the system in semi or full automation
  • Fuel Depot : We design and supply fuel depot in our client’s premises. System includes the supply of underground or overhead storage tanks with accessories, fuel pumps, pipelines, control valves, flow meters, control panel etc
  • Fabrication Of Pressure Vessels : We are the manufacturer of Reaction kettles, Filters (MGF, ACF & SOFTENERS), Tanks, agitators, compressed air receivers etc
  • Structural Fabrication : We do structural fabrication jobs for corporate houses, industrial sheds, Malls, Hotels and other commercial buildings. This job includes from simple fabrication to typical fabrication of fancy items like front space, canopy etc. Fabrication of staircase, railings, structural floors, parabola, screens, fancy gates etc is done at site.
  • Fire Fighting System : For Corporate Buildings, Hotels, Industries, Malls etc